she's waiting for the night to ask her out
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"My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can."
-Cary Grant
“Tentei ser uma boa filha, tentei ser boa aluna, tentei ser boa amiga, tentei ser namorada, tentei ser bailarina, tentei ser grande, tentei ser desenhista, tentei ser bonita, tentei ser cantora, tentei ser engraçada, tentei ser escritora, ,tentei ser boa, tentei ser inteligente, tentei ser má, tentei ser famosa, tentei ser diferente, tentei ser inventora, tentei ser extrovertida, tentei ler todos os livros do mundo, tentei ser dedicada, tentei ser compreensiva, tentei ser melhor, tentei ser compreendida, tentei mudar, tentei continuar a mesma, tentei costurar, tentei aprender, tentei me esforçar, tentei começar de novo, tentei me matar, tentei dormir, tentei sonhar, tentei ser rica, tentei ser especial, tentei ser mágica, tentei ser eu mesma, tentei não ser ninguém, tentei me esconder, tentei me achar, tentei me expor e ate tentei me guardar, tentei tanto que acabei falhando em tudo.”
~ Falha - Síndrome de ofélia. (via sindromedeofelia)

Hoje em dia eu não espero honestidade de mais ninguém, já me contento com português correto.



  • 10 events for a school-themed role play under the cut

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A Master List of Roleplay Events!
General list of creative events for any kind of roleplay, listed by season (for no reason at all~). Can be done for the whole group, or as prompts for singular members. (Added on to over time)

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Under the cut is a list of almost 300 Irish surnames for use with whatever you want. I put them on numbers so you can just use control+F and get a random one. These are in alphabetical order.

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A MasterList on writing 'evil' characters or 'Bad guys'.  I put these in quotes because obviously I do not actually believe that stories, narratives, or really anything can survive without the 'bad guy'.  Who was Batman without the Joker after all?  Some of the things in here some would not consider 'Evil' but addictions or other actions that society considers unacceptable.   You should never feel discouraged about writing an evil character as long as, in my opinion, you make them dynamic. Here are some links and guides for reference.
Playing a Thief
Playing a Kleptomanic
Playing a Stalker
Playing a Cocaine addict
Playing an Ass Hole
Playing a Serial Killer
Playing a Drug addict
Playing an Insane Character
Playing a Pyro
Playing a Vicious/Bitchy Character
Playing a Burn Out
Playing a Manipulative Character
Playing a Bully
Playing a Drug Dealer
Playing a Heroin Addict
Playing a Sociopath
Playing a Sex Addict
Playing a Narcissistic Character
Playing a Creepy Character
Playing a Compulsive Gambler
Playing a Hitman
Playing Female Serial Killers
Psychopath vs Sociopath
Playing Stockholm Syndrome
Getting the Most From Bad Guys
The Evil Overlord Handbook
How to Control People: Manipulation
Villain Archetypes
Separating IC villains and OOC muns
General Torture Reference



Under the cut there is a list of 21 possible cliques to be used for high school roleplays with a description of what the clique members could be like. If you are like me you have probably noticed every high school rp has a very similar selection of cliques so if you want to mix it up then I'm here to help. 

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This is a list of several short one-paragraph personalities you can use to build a character. This will be periodically updated.

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As requested, here is a list of underused POC faces that could generally pass for high school age, a great tool for bio RP admins who want to add some diversity, or anyone looking to be the diversity in a roleplay genre that could definitely do with some. 25 males and 25 females below the cut!

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Under the cut you will find a list of CHARACTER SECRETS. Most of these were made up by me. This list will be updated frequently. If you found this helpful please like/reblog. 

  • He/she is in love with his/her step-sibling. 
  • He/she has an illegitimate child (love child) with their gay best friend. 

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  • A society where the government pairs up a male and a female from each country, state, etc. via the internet. The government forces them to begin a relationship this way. This creates controversy of people who prefer a certain gender or fall in love with people they know in real life.
  • A young girl goes missing in town and the murderer remains living there. No, none of that pretty little liars bullshit. He begins to leave /hints/ that he’s going to strike, blood marks in girl’s clothing in the locker room or dead birds on their window sills.
  • A group of adults who have all their life figured out (families, work, etc.) mysteriously get transported to their high school years. You’d have to play heavily on their adult life in order for it to even make a big impact that they go back to being teens.
  • A sleepover roleplay. The classic freezing the bra, gushing over boys scenario. This would work out best as a 1x1 or in a small group.
  • Diner girls who are secretly murderers. Sweet and innocent, always offering a smile and a side of fries with that but at night they’re cruel. They are the most wanted group around the city but no one even suspects that it’s them causing all the ruckus.
  • Classic horror movie roleplay including Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Werewolf. I’m not sure how this would play about but it’d be intriguing to at least see someone attempt it.
  • A community that lives secluded from the rest of the world. Whether mythical or not - they survive off of fire and gazing up at the stars for long periods of time. With fresh mountain spring water and animals that they treat as if they were equal. It’d be very writing heavy, mostly scenery description based.
  • Old fashioned pirates off to find a treasure. This honestly would require a lot of history research and research on proper language used. You could of course make this modern or more back in time.
  • One based on the film EPIC where the humans shrink and there is leaf people. Imagine the warriors, the fights, the action. Trying to protect the kingdom while fighting with their feelings about leaving everything they’ve ever known behind.
  • Traveling the world. But really play with this; the Taj Mahal, the pyramids, describe how the sand feels between toes and the overwhelming feeling you get when you step foot off the airplane in China.
  • Jurassic park based, either the dinosaurs have invaded the land or someone flies out to the island. You can have all the romancy angst you want with also trying not to get eaten by a giant T-Rex.


We’ve all had those days where we want to para, but we are completely blank on ideas. We also want to do something original - not the same old boring para idea everyone seems to do. 

Under the cut there are 50 ideas for your paras. This list includes different lists. You can find 10 Romance Plots, 11 Friendship Plots, 5 Acquaintance Plots, and 24 Open Para Plots.

Please like or reblog if you found this to be useful!

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Criaturas Sobrenaturais III


Mais uma matéria da saga “Criaturas sobrenaturais”! Dessa vez demorei um pouco mais para escrever; no entanto, acredito que ainda vai ter mais uma parte, já que ainda tem criaturas a serem explicadas, e para vocês terem mais ideias. Falei o básico de cada um, para não ficar cansativo.

  • Sereias

Acho que todo mundo aqui assistiu a Pequena Sereia, né? Eu era apaixonada pelo filme! Sereias são conhecidas por serem criaturas do mar, metade peixe (parte de baixo) e metade humana (parte de cima). Muita gente as confunde com Nereidas e Ondinas. Podem parecer a mesma coisa, mas não são!

Nas lendas, têm talentos musicais e adoram pentes e espelhos; com seu canto atraem seres humanos, para afogá-los. Podem acalmar e controlar tempestades, e também tem o dom da profecia. São símbolos da vaidade, e supunham de que não tinham alma, no entanto, em algumas versões, poderiam conseguir uma se fossem batizadas ou se casassem com um humano. São vistas como mau presságio. Nas versões mais recentes, contam que elas têm a capacidade de se tornarem humanas ao saírem da água.

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Problemas para personagens



Abaixo, vocês encontrarão alguns temas (alguns bem clichês) de dramas pelo os quais seus personagens podem estar passando. Tem algum para indicar? Diga nos comentários!

  • Briga de pais.
  • Separação dos pais.
  • Pais separados.
  • Sonhos de vida.
  • Gostar e não ser correspondido.